+"Tempest Block", +shadow (36)

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Circle of Protection: Shadow Dauthi Embrace Dauthi Ghoul Dauthi Mindripper Dauthi Trapper Phyrexian Splicer Soltari Crusader Soltari Foot Soldier Thalakos Deceiver Thalakos Dreamsower Thalakos Mistfolk Thalakos Sentry Soltari Visionary Soltari Champion Soltari Lancer Soltari Monk Soltari Priest Soltari Trooper Soltari Emissary Dauthi Cutthroat Shadow Rift Thalakos Drifters Thalakos Scout Thalakos Seer Dauthi Horror Dauthi Jackal Dauthi Marauder Dauthi Slayer Dauthi Warlord Dauthi Mercenary Shadowstorm Wall of Diffusion Heartwood Dryad Reality Anchor Soltari Guerrillas Maze of Shadows