+"Judgment", +@(|W|G) (70)

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Ancestor's Chosen Aven Warcraft Battle Screech Battlewise Aven Benevolent Bodyguard Border Patrol Cagemail Chastise Commander Eesha Funeral Pyre Glory Golden Wish Guided Strike Lead Astray Nomad Mythmaker Phantom Flock Phantom Nomad Prismatic Strands Pulsemage Advocate Ray of Revelation Selfless Exorcist Shieldmage Advocate Silver Seraph Solitary Confinement Soulcatchers' Aerie Spirit Cairn Spurnmage Advocate Suntail Hawk Test of Endurance Trained Pronghorn Unquestioned Authority XXValor (Valor) Vigilant Sentry Anurid Barkripper Anurid Swarmsnapper Battlefield Scrounger Brawn Canopy Claws Centaur Rootcaster Crush of Wurms Elephant Guide Epic Struggle Erhnam Djinn Exoskeletal Armor Folk Medicine Forcemage Advocate Genesis Giant Warthog Grizzly Fate Harvester Druid Ironshell Beetle Krosan Reclamation Krosan Wayfarer Living Wish Nantuko Tracer Nullmage Advocate Phantom Centaur Phantom Nantuko Phantom Tiger Seedtime Serene Sunset Sudden Strength Sylvan Safekeeper Thriss, Nantuko Primus Tunneler Wurm Venomous Vines Anurid Brushhopper Hunting Grounds Mirari's Wake Phantom Nishoba