+"Torment", +B (40)

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Boneshard Slasher Cabal Ritual Cabal Surgeon Cabal Torturer Carrion Rats Carrion Wurm Chainer, Dementia Master Chainer's Edict Crippling Fatigue Dawn of the Dead Faceless Butcher Gloomdrifter Gravegouger Grotesque Hybrid Hypnox Ichorid Insidious Dreams Laquatus's Champion Last Laugh Mesmeric Fiend Mind Sludge Mortal Combat Mortiphobia Mutilate Nantuko Shade Organ Grinder Psychotic Haze Putrid Imp Rancid Earth Restless Dreams Sengir Vampire Shade's Form Shambling Swarm Sickening Dreams Slithery Stalker Soul Scourge Strength of Lunacy Unhinge Waste Away Zombie Trailblazer