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Act of Aggression Apostle's Blessing Birthing Pod Blinding Souleater Cathedral Membrane Corrosive Gale Dismember Gitaxian Probe Gut Shot Hex Parasite Immolating Souleater Insatiable Souleater Lashwrithe Marrow Shards Mental Misstep Moltensteel Dragon Mutagenic Growth Norn's Annex Noxious Revival Pestilent Souleater Phyrexian Metamorph Pith Driller Porcelain Legionnaire Postmortem Lunge Rage Extractor Ruthless Invasion Slash Panther Spellskite Spined Thopter Surgical Extraction Tezzeret's Gambit Thundering Tanadon Trespassing Souleater Vault Skirge