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Afterlife Akroma's Blessing Armageddon Astral Slide Balance Battle Screech Benalish Trapper Benevolent Bodyguard Breath of Life Brilliant Halo Council's Judgment Crescendo of War Decree of Justice Deftblade Elite Devout Witness Empyrial Armor Eternal Dragon Exile Gerrard's Battle Cry Gilded Light Gustcloak Harrier Jareth, Leonine Titan Karmic Guide Kongming, "Sleeping Dragon" Mistmoon Griffin Mystic Zealot Noble Templar Parallax Wave Phantom Nomad Pianna, Nomad Captain Radiant, Archangel Radiant's Judgment Renewed Faith Seal of Cleansing Shelter Sidar Jabari Soltari Emissary Soltari Trooper Spirit Cairn Spirit Mirror Stoic Champion Swords to Plowshares Teroh's Faithful Winds of Rath Zhalfirin Crusader Academy Elite Ancestral Recall Aquamoeba Brain Freeze Brainstorm Choking Tethers Circular Logic Cloud Djinn Cloud of Faeries Control Magic Counterspell Deep Analysis Ephemeron Fact or Fiction Flusterstorm Force of Will Frantic Search Future Sight Gush High Tide Jace, the Mind Sculptor Keeneye Aven Killer Whale Krovikan Sorcerer Mana Drain Man-o'-War Mind's Desire Morphling Muzzio, Visionary Architect Obsessive Search Ophidian Owl Familiar Palinchron Plea for Power Power Sink Repel Rescind Scrivener Sea Drake Serendib Efreet Skywing Aven Stroke of Genius Temporal Fissure Thalakos Drifters Time Walk Timetwister Tradewind Rider Turnabout Upheaval Volrath's Shapeshifter Waterfront Bouncer Addle Animate Dead Baleful Force Cabal Ritual
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