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Hellcarver Demon Hell's Caretaker Hideous Laughter Honden of Cleansing Fire Honor of the Pure Howling Gale Hunted Troll Hunter's Prowess Hymn to Tourach Hypnotic Specter Hypnox Ill-Gotten Gains Instigator Gang Isperia the Inscrutable Jace's Mindseeker Judge Unworthy Kaho, Minamo Historian Kazuul's Toll Collector Keldon Vandals King Macar, the Gold-Cursed Kithkin Greatheart Kuldotha Ringleader Laquatus's Champion Leonin Relic-Warder Liquid Fire Living End Lobber Crew Lodestone Myr Lord of Atlantis Lorescale Coatl Lurking Jackals Magus of the Scroll Mahamoti Djinn Malevolent Whispers Mana Short Martial Coup Martyr of Dusk Memory Lapse Mental Agony Merrow Reejerey Metathran Aerostat Might of Oaks Mirrodin's Core Mistmeadow Witch Mogg Sentry Molten Hydra Mountain Mugging Mungha Wurm Myr Enforcer Myr Galvanizer Myr Landshaper Nantuko Tracer Needle Drop Night of Souls' Betrayal Nourishing Shoal Ogre Battledriver Opal-Eye, Konda's Yojimbo Oracle of Bones Orcish Spy Ordruun Veteran Orzhov Guildmage Outmaneuver Oxidda Golem Palisade Giant Paradox Haze Parallax Inhibitor Parallax Nexus Parallax Wave Pemmin's Aura Pentavus Phantom Warrior Phantom Wings Plains Plated Sliver Plaxcaster Frogling Preeminent Captain Primal Whisperer Proteus Machine Puncturing Light Punishing Fire Pygmy Kavu Quest for the Holy Relic Radiant's Judgment Reckless Wurm Rescue Research // Development (Research) Retraced Image Rusting Golem Saber Ants Saltcrusted Steppe Salvaging Station Satyr Nyx-Smith Scarblade Elite Scent of Brine Second Sunrise Seismic Assault Seize the Day Sen Triplets Serra Angel
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