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Gobbling Ooze
Gobbling Ooze 4Green (5)
Creature — Ooze (3/3)

Green, Sacrifice another creature: Put a +1/+1 counter on Gobbling Ooze.

Return to Ravnica (Uncommon)
Golgari Charm
Golgari Charm BlackGreen (2)

Choose one — All creatures get -1/-1 until end of turn; or destroy target enchantment; or regenerate each creature you control.

Return to Ravnica (Uncommon)
Golgari Decoy
Golgari Decoy 3Green (4)
Creature — Elf Rogue (2/2)

All creatures able to block Golgari Decoy do so.

Scavenge 3GreenGreen (3GreenGreen, Exile this card from your graveyard: Put a number of +1/+1 counters equal to this card's power on target creature. Scavenge only as a sorcery.)

Return to Ravnica (Uncommon)
Golgari Longlegs
Golgari Longlegs 3Black or GreenBlack or Green (5)
Creature — Insect (5/4)

Return to Ravnica (Common)
Graverobber Spider
Graverobber Spider 3Green (4)
Creature — Spider (2/4)


3Black: Graverobber Spider gets +X/+X until end of turn, where X is the number of creature cards in your graveyard. Activate this ability only once each turn.

Born of the Gods (Uncommon)
Greenside Watcher
Greenside Watcher 1Green (2)
Creature — Elf Druid (2/1)

Tap: Untap target Gate.

Gatecrash (Common)
Grisly Salvage
Grisly Salvage BlackGreen (2)

Reveal the top five cards of your library. You may put a creature or land card from among them into your hand. Put the rest into your graveyard.

Return to Ravnica (Common)
Ground Assault
Ground Assault RedGreen (2)

Ground Assault deals damage to target creature equal to the number of lands you control.

Gatecrash (Uncommon)
Groundshaker Sliver
Groundshaker Sliver 6Green (7)
Creature — Sliver (5/5)

Sliver creatures you control have trample. (If a Sliver you control would assign enough damage to its blockers to destroy them, you may have it assign the rest of its damage to defending player or planeswalker.)

Magic 2014 Core Set (Common)
Growing Ranks
Growing Ranks 2Green or WhiteGreen or White (4)

At the beginning of your upkeep, populate. (Put a token onto the battlefield that's a copy of a creature token you control.)

Return to Ravnica (Rare)
Gruul Charm
Gruul Charm RedGreen (2)

Choose one — Creatures without flying can't block this turn; or gain control of all permanents you own; or Gruul Charm deals 3 damage to each creature with flying.

Gatecrash (Uncommon)
Gruul Ragebeast
Gruul Ragebeast 5RedGreen (7)
Creature — Beast (6/6)

Whenever Gruul Ragebeast or another creature enters the battlefield under your control, that creature fights target creature an opponent controls.

Gatecrash (Rare)
Gruul War Chant
Gruul War Chant 2RedGreen (4)

Each attacking creature you control gets +1/+0 and can't be blocked except by two or more creatures.

Dragon's Maze (Uncommon)
Gyre Sage
Gyre Sage 1Green (2)
Creature — Elf Druid (1/2)

Evolve (Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control, if that creature has greater power or toughness than this creature, put a +1/+1 counter on this creature.)

Tap: Add Green to your mana pool for each +1/+1 counter on Gyre Sage.

Gatecrash (Rare)
Hero of Leina Tower
Hero of Leina Tower Green (1)
Creature — Human Warrior (1/1)

Heroic — Whenever you cast a spell that targets Hero of Leina Tower, you may pay Variable Colorless. If you do, put X +1/+1 counters on Hero of Leina Tower.

Born of the Gods (Rare)
Heroes' Reunion
Heroes' Reunion GreenWhite (2)

Target player gains 7 life.

Return to Ravnica (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Duel Decks: Knights vs. Dragons (Uncommon)Archenemy (Uncommon)Invasion (Uncommon)
Hindervines 2Green (3)

Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt this turn by creatures with no +1/+1 counters on them.

Gatecrash (Uncommon)
Horizon Chimera
Horizon Chimera 2GreenBlue (4)
Creature — Chimera (3/2)

Flash (You may cast this spell any time you could cast an instant.)

Flying, trample

Whenever you draw a card, you gain 1 life.

Theros (Uncommon)
Horncaller's Chant
Horncaller's Chant 7Green (8)

Put a 4/4 green Rhino creature token with trample onto the battlefield, then populate. (Put a token onto the battlefield that's a copy of a creature token you control.)

Return to Ravnica (Common)
Howl of the Night Pack
Howl of the Night Pack 6Green (7)

Put a 2/2 green Wolf creature token onto the battlefield for each Forest you control.

Magic 2014 Core Set (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Magic 2010 (Uncommon)Shadowmoor (Uncommon)
Hunt the Hunter
Hunt the Hunter Green (1)

Target green creature you control gets +2/+2 until end of turn. It fights target green creature an opponent controls.

Theros (Uncommon)
Hunt the Weak
Hunt the Weak 3Green (4)

Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature you control. Then that creature fights target creature you don't control. (Each deals damage equal to its power to the other.)

Magic 2014 Core Set (Common)
Hunter's Prowess
Hunter's Prowess 4Green (5)

Until end of turn, target creature gets +3/+3 and gains trample and "Whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player, draw that many cards."

Born of the Gods (Rare)
Hydroform GreenBlue (2)

Target land becomes a 3/3 Elemental creature with flying until end of turn. It's still a land.

Gatecrash (Common)
Into the Wilds
Into the Wilds 3Green (4)

At the beginning of your upkeep, look at the top card of your library. If it's a land card, you may put it onto the battlefield.

Magic 2014 Core Set (Rare)
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