"Return to Ravnica" (254)

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Angel of Serenity Armory Guard Arrest Avenging Arrow Azorius Arrester Azorius Justiciar Bazaar Krovod Concordia Pegasus Ethereal Armor Eyes in the Skies Fencing Ace Keening Apparition Knightly Valor Martial Law Palisade Giant Phantom General Precinct Captain Rest in Peace Rootborn Defenses Security Blockade Selesnya Sentry Seller of Songbirds Soul Tithe Sphere of Safety Sunspire Griffin Swift Justice Trained Caracal Trostani's Judgment Aquus Steed Blustersquall Cancel Chronic Flooding Conjured Currency Crosstown Courier Cyclonic Rift Dispel Doorkeeper Downsize Faerie Impostor Hover Barrier Inaction Injunction Inspiration Isperia's Skywatch Jace, Architect of Thought Mizzium Skin Paralyzing Grasp Psychic Spiral Runewing Search the City Skyline Predator Soulsworn Spirit Sphinx of the Chimes Stealer of Secrets Syncopate Tower Drake Voidwielder Assassin's Strike Catacomb Slug Cremate Daggerdrome Imp Dark Revenant Dead Reveler Desecration Demon Destroy the Evidence Deviant Glee Drainpipe Vermin Grave Betrayal Grim Roustabout Launch Party Mind Rot Necropolis Regent Ogre Jailbreaker Pack Rat Perilous Shadow Sewer Shambler Shrieking Affliction Slum Reaper Stab Wound Tavern Swindler Terrus Wurm Thrill-Kill Assassin Ultimate Price Underworld Connections Zanikev Locust Annihilating Fire Ash Zealot Batterhorn Bellows Lizard Bloodfray Giant Chaos Imps Cobblebrute Dynacharge Electrickery Explosive Impact Goblin Rally Gore-House Chainwalker Guild Feud Guttersnipe Lobber Crew Minotaur Aggressor
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