"Creature", "Shadowmoor", +G (45)

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Crabapple Cohort Devoted Druid Drove of Elves Farhaven Elf Foxfire Oak Gloomwidow Hungry Spriggan Juvenile Gloomwidow Mossbridge Troll Nurturer Initiate Roughshod Mentor Spawnwrithe Wildslayer Elves Witherscale Wurm Woodfall Primus Boartusk Liege Boggart Ram-Gang Deus of Calamity Loamdragger Giant Morselhoarder Mudbrawler Raiders Rosheen Meanderer Scuzzback Marauders Scuzzback Scrapper Tattermunge Duo Tattermunge Maniac Tattermunge Witch Valleymaker Vexing Shusher Wort, the Raidmother Elvish Hexhunter Heartmender Kitchen Finks Medicine Runner Old Ghastbark Oracle of Nectars Oversoul of Dusk Raven's Run Dragoon Rhys the Redeemed Safehold Duo Safehold Elite Seedcradle Witch Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers Wilt-Leaf Liege Reaper King