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Archangel's Light Bar the Door Break of Day Burden of Guilt Curse of Exhaustion Elgaud Inquisitor Faith's Shield Gather the Townsfolk Gavony Ironwright Hollowhenge Spirit Increasing Devotion Lingering Souls Loyal Cathar Midnight Guard Niblis of the Mist Niblis of the Urn Ray of Revelation Requiem Angel Sanctuary Cat Séance Silverclaw Griffin Skillful Lunge Sudden Disappearance Thalia, Guardian of Thraben Thraben Doomsayer Thraben Heretic Artful Dodge Beguiler of Wills Bone to Ash Call to the Kindred Chant of the Skifsang Chill of Foreboding Counterlash Curse of Echoes Divination Dungeon Geists Geralf's Mindcrusher Griptide Havengul Runebinder Headless Skaab Increasing Confusion Mystic Retrieval Nephalia Seakite Niblis of the Breath Relentless Skaabs Saving Grasp Screeching Skaab Secrets of the Dead Shriekgeist Soul Seizer Stormbound Geist Thought Scour Tower Geist Black Cat Chosen of Markov Curse of Misfortunes Curse of Thirst Deadly Allure Death's Caress Falkenrath Torturer Farbog Boneflinger Fiend of the Shadows Geralf's Messenger Gravecrawler Gravepurge Gruesome Discovery Harrowing Journey Highborn Ghoul Increasing Ambition Mikaeus, the Unhallowed Ravenous Demon Reap the Seagraf Sightless Ghoul Skirsdag Flayer Spiteful Shadows Tragic Slip Undying Evil Vengeful Vampire Wakedancer Zombie Apocalypse Afflicted Deserter Alpha Brawl Blood Feud Burning Oil Curse of Bloodletting Erdwal Ripper Faithless Looting Fires of Undeath Flayer of the Hatebound Fling Forge Devil Heckling Fiends Hellrider Hinterland Hermit Increasing Vengeance Markov Blademaster Markov Warlord Mondronen Shaman Moonveil Dragon Nearheath Stalker Pyreheart Wolf Russet Wolves Scorch the Fields Shattered Perception Talons of Falkenrath Torch Fiend Wrack with Madness Briarpack Alpha Clinging Mists Crushing Vines Dawntreader Elk Deranged Outcast Favor of the Woods Feed the Pack Ghoultree Gravetiller Wurm Grim Flowering Hollowhenge Beast Hunger of the Howlpack Increasing Savagery Kessig Recluse Lambholt Elder Lost in the Woods Predator Ooze Scorned Villager Somberwald Dryad Strangleroot Geist Tracker's Instincts Ulvenwald Bear Village Survivors Vorapede Wild Hunger Wolfbitten Captive Young Wolf Drogskol Captain Drogskol Reaver Sorin, Lord of Innistrad Diregraf Captain Havengul Lich Falkenrath Aristocrat Stromkirk Captain Huntmaster of the Fells Immerwolf Altar of the Lost Archdemon of Greed Avacyn's Collar Chalice of Death Chalice of Life Elbrus, the Binding Blade Evolving Wilds Executioner's Hood Ghastly Haunting Grafdigger's Cage Grim Backwoods Haunted Fengraf Heavy Mattock Helvault Hinterland Scourge Jar of Eyeballs Krallenhorde Killer Markov's Servant Moonscarred Werewolf Ravager of the Fells Silverpelt Werewolf Tovolar's Magehunter Unhallowed Cathar Vault of the Archangel Warden of the Wall Werewolf Ransacker Withengar Unbound Wolfhunter's Quiver