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Battlewise Valor Cavalry Pegasus Celestial Archon Chained to the Rocks Chosen by Heliod Dauntless Onslaught Decorated Griffin Divine Verdict Elspeth, Sun's Champion Ephara's Warden Evangel of Heliod Fabled Hero Favored Hoplite Gift of Immortality Glare of Heresy Gods Willing Heliod, God of the Sun Heliod's Emissary Hopeful Eidolon Hundred-Handed One Lagonna-Band Elder Last Breath Leonin Snarecaster Observant Alseid Ordeal of Heliod Phalanx Leader Ray of Dissolution Scholar of Athreos Setessan Battle Priest Setessan Griffin Silent Artisan Soldier of the Pantheon Spear of Heliod Traveling Philosopher Vanquish the Foul Wingsteed Rider Yoked Ox Annul Aqueous Form Artisan of Forms Benthic Giant Bident of Thassa Breaching Hippocamp Coastline Chimera Crackling Triton Curse of the Swine Dissolve Fate Foretold Gainsay Griptide Horizon Scholar Lost in a Labyrinth Master of Waves Meletis Charlatan Mnemonic Wall Nimbus Naiad Omenspeaker Ordeal of Thassa Prescient Chimera Prognostic Sphinx Sea God's Revenge Sealock Monster Shipbreaker Kraken Stymied Hopes Swan Song Thassa, God of the Sea Thassa's Bounty Thassa's Emissary Triton Fortune Hunter Triton Shorethief Triton Tactics Vaporkin Voyage's End Wavecrash Triton Abhorrent Overlord Agent of the Fates Asphodel Wanderer Baleful Eidolon Blood-Toll Harpy Boon of Erebos Cavern Lampad Cutthroat Maneuver Dark Betrayal Disciple of Phenax Erebos, God of the Dead Erebos's Emissary Felhide Minotaur Fleshmad Steed Gray Merchant of Asphodel Hero's Downfall Hythonia the Cruel Insatiable Harpy Keepsake Gorgon Lash of the Whip Loathsome Catoblepas March of the Returned Mogis's Marauder Nighthowler Ordeal of Erebos Pharika's Cure
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