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Ardent Soldier Benalish Emissary Benalish Lancer Bold Defense Conqueror's Pledge Degavolver Dismantling Blow Excavation Elephant Kor Aeronaut Kor Sanctifiers Orim's Chant Orim's Thunder Orim's Touch Pollen Remedy Prison Barricade Sergeant-at-Arms Sunscape Battlemage Academy Drake Æther Figment (Aether Figment) Arctic Merfolk Blink of an Eye Cetavolver Dralnu's Pet Faerie Squadron Into the Roil Jilt Probe Prohibit Rite of Replication Rushing River Slinn Voda, the Rising Deep Sphinx of Lost Truths Stormscape Battlemage Tempest Owl Tolarian Emissary Vodalian Serpent Waterspout Elemental Agonizing Demise Blood Tribute Bog Down Caligo Skin-Witch Desolation Angel Duskwalker Gatekeeper of Malakir Heartstabber Mosquito Hypnotic Cloud Josu Vess, Lich Knight Marsh Casualties Necravolver Nightscape Battlemage Phyrexian Scuta Sadistic Sacrament Stronghold Confessor Urborg Emissary Urborg Skeleton Vampire's Bite Vicious Offering Blast from the Past Breath of Darigaaz Burst Lightning Desolation Giant Dwarven Landslide Elemental Appeal Fight with Fire Ghitu Chronicler Goblin Barrage Goblin Bushwhacker Goblin Ruinblaster Illuminate Kavu Aggressor Keldon Overseer Magma Burst Molten Disaster Overload Pouncing Kavu Rakavolver Savage Offensive Scorching Lava Shivan Emissary Shivan Fire Skizzik Thunderscape Battlemage Torch Slinger Unstable Footing Urza's Rage Verix Bladewing Ana Battlemage Anavolver Baloth Gorger Canopy Surge Citanul Woodreaders Explosive Growth Falling Timber Gift of Growth Gigantiform Grow from the Ashes Grunn, the Lonely King Hunting Wilds Kavu Primarch Kavu Titan