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Conduit of Storms
Conduit of Storms 2Red (3)
Creature — Werewolf Horror (2/3)

Whenever Conduit of Storms attacks, add Red to your mana pool at the beginning of your next main phase this turn.

3RedRed: Transform Conduit of Storms.

Eldritch Moon (Uncommon)
Sarkhan Unbroken
Sarkhan Unbroken 2GreenBlueRed (5)
Planeswalker — Sarkhan (4)

+1: Draw a card, then add one mana of any color to your mana pool.

−2: Create a 4/4 red Dragon creature token with flying.

−8: Search your library for any number of Dragon creature cards and put them onto the battlefield. Then shuffle your library.

Dragons of Tarkir (Mythic Rare)
Savage Ventmaw
Savage Ventmaw 4RedGreen (6)
Creature — Dragon (4/4)


Whenever Savage Ventmaw attacks, add RedRedRedGreenGreenGreen to your mana pool. Until end of turn, this mana doesn't empty from your mana pool as steps and phases end.

Dragons of Tarkir (Uncommon)
Vessel of Volatility
Vessel of Volatility 1Red (2)

1Red, Sacrifice Vessel of Volatility: Add RedRedRedRed to your mana pool.

Shadows over Innistrad (Common)