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Ermm...fungal sprouting? Minimum of 2 4/4s for 4 mana?
Posted By: T20Mad (4/21/2013 10:51:54 AM)


This is one of my favourite cards ever. Ridiculously silly. Ridiculously fun to play. Makes just about any creature playable. Stacks with itself. Stacks even better with clones. Has a whole host of Simic cards printed in this set that interact with him in interesting and powerful ways. He brings awesome mathematical complexity to the table. I can't gush enough, this card rules.
Posted By: James_Kernaghan (4/25/2013 7:47:15 PM)


I thought he was legendary.

... oh my god.

btw, combine with Graft. Grafters get more counters for grafting. This guy is instant huge when he enters the battlefield. Finish with triskelion?!
Posted By: blurrymadness (5/6/2013 1:23:17 PM)


Master b. works great with primordial hydra
(just make Variable Colorless= 1 or 0)
also put a forced adaptation on the B. man and he will power up every turn. if you run allota instants and sorceries ad runechanter's pike
I must admit that Master Biomancer is EPIC. (also cool with any shape shifter that can copy, then you can have as many of the b. man that you want!)
Posted By: TheDragonPlainswalkr (5/9/2013 7:03:47 AM)


@ Secksee
Actually, 'as' is grammatically correct in this case. If you remove the part about the +1/+1 counters, the text reads as "Each other creature you control enters the battlefield as a Mutant in addition to its other types". Note that this has an additional effect - it means that creatures you control that are already on the battlefield when Master Biomancer enters the battlefield do not spontaneously become Mutants. The additional type only applies to new creatures.

I've decided that I want this guy for my Bookkeeping deck. Misthollow Griffin, Havengul Runebinder, Master Biomancer, and a sacrifice outlet. Tokens! Counters! Tokens with counters! How big is that zombie? I don't know anymore!
Posted By: Keldane (5/11/2013 4:49:55 PM)


Posted By: Cyber_Squirrel (5/12/2013 6:30:06 AM)


The card is pretty good as it is, but it would have been really perfect if it had Evolve. Fathom mage had it, this one would be bonkers if it had it too I guess.
Posted By: Khalmyr (5/21/2013 7:15:32 PM)


Put 2 of these and a corpsejack menace and EVERYTHING gets +8/+8 as it enters.
Put Domri's emblem and thats just mean.
Posted By: EdgarPoeAllen (5/23/2013 11:01:35 PM)


Master Biomancer and Progenitor Mimic. I have this in My Simic Splashed with Golgari.
Posted By: Jdepp (5/24/2013 9:23:58 AM)


@Jetix3 - Don't you mean Persist? Unless I'm crazy, I think it DOES mean your Persisters come back infinitely (dies, loses all counters, reenters with +2 counters -1 = 1 +1/+1, repeat ad nauseum.)
Posted By: StyrofoamKing (6/1/2013 10:30:53 AM)