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Definitely the better artwork.
Posted By: E-n-S (10/29/2011 8:07:26 AM)


This card has protection from ratings, so I can't give it a rating.
Posted By: Keiya (12/19/2012 12:43:23 AM)


Elvish Piper says what?
Posted By: Xineombine (10/18/2012 10:28:49 AM)


Beautiful BEAUTIFUL card. Jaime Jones did a goddamn fantastic job capturing the sheer epicness of this creature. The heads disappear into the heavens, the body is hazy from the distance alone. You can't even see the entire beast.

If somebody asked me, "Which of these could destroy the magic universe, judging on appearance alone?", Show me any Leviathan, each and every one of the Eldrazi, Nicol Bolas, etc... I'd have to pick the Progenitus every time.

Except that "from the vault" monstrocity; screw that thing.

Game wise Progenitus is a hilarious card. Like the Eldrazi. It's one of those cards that can make either player flip the table. If it gets out, the game is over, if it gets countered or bounced somehow, the defending player's life is over.

I've seen so many climax/anticlimaxes hinge from this critter.
Posted By: Kaleidostorm (10/24/2012 5:06:37 PM)


Protection from everything does not make Progenitus invincible, merely very hard to kill.

Protection rule:

Protection from "X" means:

Damage from "X" sources is prevented.
Cannot be Enchanted, Equipped, or Fortified by X sources.
Cannot be Blocked by "X" sources.
Cannot be Targeted by "X" sources.

Use the mnemonic device DEBT to remember this.

Therefore, Progenitus would read as follows:

Cannot be damaged by anything.
Cannot be enchanted by or equipped with anything.
Cannot be blocked by anything.
Cannot be targeted by anything.

Consider the following ways around protection:

1 - Spells and abilities without the word "target" in their text.
A perfect example of a spell of this type is the always amazing Wrath of God.

2 - Sacrificing
Whether you decide to sacrifice Progenitus yourself for some reason or a spell or ability compels you to sacrifice a creature, you must do so if Progenitus is the only creature you can sacrifice. Go... (see all)
Posted By: Gunhaver (6/28/2009 6:55:46 AM)


The Flying Spaghetti Monster vs. King Gidhora:
Duel Decks: Emrakul vs. Progenitus
Posted By: Superllama12 (5/24/2011 2:32:06 PM)


as nasty as progenitus is, they still won't let him past the gate of Malakir.
Posted By: Strawb3rryPanic (1/31/2011 2:26:10 PM)


I'd talk about him... but he has protection from being talked about.
Posted By: Kirbster (9/5/2010 4:40:10 PM)


I accidentally your Progenitus.
Posted By: Gomorrah (12/27/2010 2:39:06 PM)


@ RETIF: I think you could not respond to Progenitus hitting the graveyard simply b/c it never does hit the graveyard, just read again "If it WOULD BE put in a graveyard" as in, if it was going to happen, which means it HASN'T happened yet, so instead it skips the graveyard and goes straight to the deck.
You could permanently kill Progenitus with Thought Hemorrhage though!

@sporny: one neat way to kill Progenitus could be to use Sudden Spoiling which makes all creatures target player controls 0/2s and lose all abilities until end of turn, then use Unmake or some cheap burn spell on it.

@ wrathofthemany: I highly agree, and I've found that Mindwrack Liege is probably even easier to pull off than Maelstrom Archangel b/c you don't have to wait to do dmg to an opponent, and the ability is like an instant, so unless there is something to counter the Liege or it's ability, w/e you were ... (see all)
Posted By: The_Somnambulist (6/3/2009 10:10:27 PM)


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I would say this ability makes it the closest representation of Chuck Norris in Magic.
Posted By: EGarrett01 (12/11/2013 12:01:51 AM)


While "Protection from everything" is obviously a lot cooler, sometimes I wish this card instead read, "Shroud, Unblockable, Progenitus cannot be dealt damage or enchanted." It would have created a lot less arguments.
Posted By: EvilDarkVoid (11/13/2013 12:09:58 PM)


In an EDH game this guy seems unstoppable plus whith him as a commander you can splash in all the colors, adding cards like Cruel Ultimatum and Conflux. Yeah this guy is awesome, just use him as a commander just to splash in all those cool and cruel cards.
Posted By: Reaginicwolf (10/29/2013 5:05:57 PM)


Too bad he isn't doing combat damage this turn. Sad that a measly bit of fog stops a giant hydra from annihilating everything.
Posted By: BirkaBirkowski (10/12/2013 8:34:24 AM)


Protection from colors, protection from activated abilities.... These are also things which should fall under everything... Also protection from colorless... We should be able to assume he has every protection effect that's ever been printed, at least that which exists should fall under as "everything"
Posted By: Monopwn (9/30/2013 1:24:51 PM)


As of Theros, God is now a subtype. Progenitus should be errated to have God in it's subtype too...
Posted By: IamjustnotCreative (9/24/2013 7:11:11 PM)


Elvish Piper
Quicksilver Amulet
Natural Order

He's not that hard to summon when you don't have to pay his mana cost.

Also how does he not have reach, but spiders do?
Posted By: hellomynameisnoah (8/10/2013 10:53:26 AM)


I absolutely love everything about this card. The flavor, the "oh my sweet Urza it's Progenitus" feeling when it hits the field, and how fast it kills people. Finest Hour is a perfect companion for this beast.

And may I say this thing looks BEAUTIFUL in foil. So happy I have one ^_^
Posted By: All_Is_Dust (5/21/2013 8:19:22 AM)


Alternate flavor text: "To Timmy. Love, R&D"

@Zulutw0: Actually, Protection also prevents the target from being enchanted (if applicable). You could Aura Graft something onto him, but it would immediately be put into the graveyard as a state-based effect.
Posted By: ViashinoWizard (5/18/2013 3:34:12 PM)


So basically an unblockable 10/10 with shroud.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (5/6/2013 12:36:50 AM)


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