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Abstruse Interference Abuna Acolyte Adaptive Automaton Akroan Hoplite Alabaster Kirin Arcane Lighthouse Archdemon of Greed Arctic Aven Banishing Stroke Black Vise Blinding Souleater Boggart Brute Campaign of Vengeance Canopy Cover Center Soul Chain Lightning Claws of Valakut Cloistered Youth Clutch of Currents Consuming Sinkhole Containment Priest Cosi's Trickster Curio Vendor Curiosity Cyclone Sire Dark Petition Death Cultist Demonic Appetite Desert Cerodon Divert Drogskol Cavalry Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite Elspeth, Knight-Errant Emissary of the Sleepless Encircling Fissure Enclave Cryptologist Enclave Elite Etched Champion Eyeblight Massacre Falkenrath Aristocrat Fiend of the Shadows Flayer Husk Fyndhorn Elves Gather the Pack Geist of Saint Traft Geosurge Ghoulflesh Glint Grasp of the Hieromancer Griptide Griselbrand Harvestguard Alseids Haunter of Nightveil Highspire Mantis Induce Despair Infinite Reflection Inquisitor Exarch Invocation of Saint Traft Jace, Architect of Thought Jace's Ingenuity Jori En, Ruin Diver Krovikan Sorcerer Kruphix's Insight Lashweed Lurker Linvala, Keeper of Silence Maelstrom Pulse Malakir Cullblade Mind Twist Murder Investigation Necrobite Niblis of the Breath Niblis of the Mist Niblis of the Urn Nirkana Revenant Noose Constrictor Ondu Giant Ondu Rising Oxidda Scrapmelter Peace Strider Pharika's Cure Phyrexian Delver Phyrexian Gargantua Pierce Strider Prakhata Club Security Priests of Norn Prowler's Helm Putrefy Pyrokinesis Radiant Purge Ravenous Demon Rebuke Riparian Tiger Roil Spout Rout Rusted Relic Sangromancer Selhoff Occultist Servant of Nefarox Sheltering Word Shorecrasher Elemental