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Aether Meltdown All Is Dust Archive Trap Archweaver Artisan of Kozilek Blighted Woodland Butcher's Cleaver Chittering Host Codex Shredder Conjurer's Closet Creeping Tar Pit Crypt of Agadeem Crystalline Crawler Death-Hood Cobra Deathless Behemoth Demonmail Hauberk Elder Deep-Fiend Eldrazi Obligator Emrakul's Evangel Encrust Endless One Feast of Blood Fragmentize Ghostly Touch Gisa's Bidding Graf Rats Harvest Hand Heartstabber Mosquito Hedron Rover Hedron Scrabbler Herald's Horn Humbler of Mortals Inventor's Goggles It of the Horrid Swarm Kozilek's Channeler Kozilek's Shrieker Kraken Hatchling Laboratory Maniac Lashwrithe Living Lore Lore Seeker Midnight Scavengers Mind Unbound Mindmelter Ob Nixilis, the Fallen Parasitic Implant Peel from Reality Perilous Myr Possibility Storm Prakhata Pillar-Bug Quag Vampires Rakdos Ringleader Reality Spasm Ruin in Their Wake Ruins of Oran-Rief Rusted Sentinel Scrounged Scythe Shadowed Caravel Sickleslicer Skillful Lunge Skittering Crustacean Smite the Monstrous Soliton Spare from Evil Spawning Bed Spellweaver Eternal Stasis Snare Temple of Triumph Thought Gorger Thunderclap Wyvern Turn the Tide Unconventional Tactics Undercity Troll Unity of Purpose Vile Manifestation Void Shatter Warden of Geometries Warping Wail Wastes Weapon Surge Whispering Specter Will-Forged Golem