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Armor Sliver Armor Thrull Axelrod Gunnarson Barbed Sliver Basalt Golem Bone Dancer Briar Shield Consuming Ferocity Convulsing Licid Craw Giant Deadly Insect Diseased Vermin Energy Bolt Errantry Fog Bank Forbid Goblin Recruiter Grave Pact Hibernation Hibernation Sliver Horseshoe Crab Hymn to Tourach Icatian Javelineers Illicit Auction Immolation Kei Takahashi Lava Storm Lurking Evil Manakin Minion of the Wastes Parasitic Bond Paroxysm Patagia Golem Phantasmal Fiend Pit Scorpion Political Trickery Puppet Strings Salt Flats Shield Wall Smokestack Spirit Shield Yawgmoth's Edict Zelyon Sword