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Abhorrent Overlord Acolyte's Reward Aqueous Form Arcbond Archetype of Endurance Armament of Nyx Augur of Bolas Aurelia, the Warleader Axebane Guardian Bassara Tower Archer Battle Sliver Bitterblade Warrior Bloodflow Connoisseur Bring Low Cancel Clever Impersonator Conduit of Ruin Crowd's Favor Cultivator Drone Curse of Echoes Curse of Exhaustion Debilitating Injury Devouring Light Diregraf Captain Disciple of Bolas Dread Defiler Drudge Beetle Duplicant Duskmantle Guildmage Eaten by Spiders Electrostatic Pummeler Elgaud Inquisitor Ember Swallower Falkenrath Noble Fire Elemental First Response Flametongue Kavu Flaying Tendrils Fleecemane Lion Furious Resistance Geier Reach Bandit Gravetiller Wurm Gremlin Infestation Harvester of Souls Hollowhenge Scavenger Homing Lightning Howl of the Horde Humble Defector Icefeather Aven Iroas, God of Victory Jace's Scrutiny Kessig Prowler Kurkesh, Onakke Ancient Lightning Greaves Lightning Shrieker Lotus Petal Memory's Journey Mindclaw Shaman Monstrous Onslaught Mortal Obstinacy Nimble Innovator Palace Siege Paragon of Fierce Defiance Prophetic Bolt Punish the Enemy Radiant Flames Raging Poltergeist Realmwright Riot Control Ruin Processor Sage of Ancient Lore Salvage Drone Sandwurm Convergence Savage Ventmaw Screamreach Brawler Screeching Bat Selfless Cathar Shrewd Negotiation Sifter of Skulls Silence the Believers Silent Sentinel Sinuous Predator Skirsdag Cultist Skyship Plunderer Sluiceway Scorpion Speedway Fanatic Sphere of Safety Sphinx's Revelation Sphinx's Tutelage Stalking Drone Stalking Vampire Stormbreath Dragon Swordwise Centaur Tattered Mummy Titan's Presence Tithe Drinker Ulrich of the Krallenhorde Ulrich, Uncontested Alpha Vastwood Hydra Viashino Racketeer