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Adaptive Snapjaw Ancestral Statue Armored Cancrix Artful Dodge Bladed Sentinel Bloodbriar Bloodhunter Bat Breaching Leviathan Cogwork Spy Cowl Prowler Creeping Renaissance Culling Mark Deadeye Navigator Death Wind Display of Dominance Dissipate Dragonrage Drifting Shade Drowner of Hope Elephant Guide Farbog Boneflinger Favor of the Woods Flameblade Adept Forked Bolt Fortuitous Find Grasp of Fate Hammerhand Homeward Path Illusionary Informant Inquisition of Kozilek It That Betrays Kalemne's Captain Moldgraf Monstrosity Moldgraf Scavenger Momentous Fall Mortus Strider Mountain Nighthaze Nimble-Blade Khenra Primal Druid Profound Journey Prowling Pangolin Quest for Renewal Ranger's Path Renegade Demon Rotting Fensnake Rumbling Aftershocks Shadowmage Infiltrator Silburlind Snapper Skywatcher Adept Snowhorn Rider Spectral Procession Stonefare Crocodile Stonehoof Chieftain Timely Reinforcements Tunneling Geopede Vengeful Rebel Wandering Wolf Withstand Death Woodland Sleuth