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Agony Warp Archdemon of Unx Banewasp Affliction Beast Within Behemoth Sledge Bloodmark Mentor Boggart Ram-Gang Brindle Boar Caustic Hound Cemetery Reaper Core Prowler Corrupt Cranial Extraction Doomgape Dross Hopper Duergar Cave-Guard Duergar Hedge-Mage Elder Mastery Flensermite Fleshwrither Font of Mythos Fresh Meat Gleancrawler Glint Hawk Glint Hawk Idol Grave Scrabbler Gristle Grinner Hammer Helper Hammerfest Boomtacular Hivestone Lich Lord of Unx Murderous Redcap Necrotic Sliver Nihilith Phyrexian Digester Phyrexian Snowcrusher Plague Sliver Pus Kami Putrid Leech Razor Swine Rotted Hystrix Rotting Rats Secret Base Shimatsu the Bloodcloaked Slippery Bogle Stingerfling Spider Strands of Undeath Stream Hopper Stuffy Doll Sudden Death Time Out Traitor's Clutch Trigon of Infestation Twilight Drover Unwilling Recruit Valley Rannet Wort, the Raidmother