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Abolisher of Bloodlines Abzan Runemark Aether Swooper Ajani's Comrade Akroan Conscriptor Anafenza, the Foremost Angel of Glory's Rise Archangel Avacyn Archangel of Thune Arrows of Justice Auriok Sunchaser Auriok Survivors Avacyn, the Purifier Avenging Arrow Banishment Decree Blaze Commando Boon of Erebos Bramblesnap Bronzebeak Moa Burn from Within Cartel Aristocrat Courtly Provocateur Curse of the Swine Curtains' Call Dark Tutelage Death's Caress Deputy of Acquittals Driver of the Dead Dromoka's Command Due Respect Ephara's Radiance Eyes in the Skies Ezuri, Claw of Progress Falkenrath Marauders Fangren Marauder Felhide Petrifier Flame-Wreathed Phoenix Frontier Siege Gideon's Phalanx Greater Basilisk Guul Draz Assassin Havengul Lich Havengul Vampire Heroic Intervention High Sentinels of Arashin Hypnotic Siren Ichor Explosion Inferno Fist Jace's Archivist Lightkeeper of Emeria Living Destiny Makeshift Mauler Marionette Master Memoricide Midvast Protector Mockery of Nature Moltensteel Dragon Monomania Necrotic Ooze Oreskos Swiftclaw Pheres-Band Warchief Ravenous Bloodseeker Reap the Seagraf Renegade Doppelganger Revoke Privileges Roaring Primadox Security Blockade Shifting Loyalties Soulmender Soulsworn Spirit Spark Trooper Sphinx of Magosi Spidery Grasp Stromkirk Noble Stubborn Denial Tainted Strike Tajic, Blade of the Legion Tel-Jilad Fallen Thraben Heretic Trained Caracal Training Grounds Traveling Philosopher Triumph of Ferocity Umara Entangler Unnatural Aggression Untethered Express Vampire Interloper Voidwalk Voldaren Pariah Wispweaver Angel Woodland Patrol