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Abolish Accursed Spirit Æther Snap Air Elemental Alaborn Cavalier Aleatory Altered Ego Ancestor's Prophet Angel's Trumpet Annihilate Apothecary Initiate Arashi, the Sky Asunder Arcbound Ravager Argothian Wurm Asphyxiate Assassinate Assault Strobe Aven Smokeweaver Balance Battleflight Eagle Blade-Tribe Berserkers Bladewing the Risen Bladewing's Thrall Blessed Reincarnation Blood-Toll Harpy Bludgeon Brawl Bone Saw Bonebreaker Giant Border Guard Boros Mastiff Bottomless Pit Brain Gorgers Breath of Fury Bringer of the White Dawn Budoka Gardener Bull Aurochs Bump in the Night Burning-Tree Bloodscale Butcher Orgg Capashen Knight Catch // Release (Catch) Cavalry Pegasus Centaur Battlemaster Cerebral Eruption Chandra Nalaar Charging Paladin Char-Rumbler City of Traitors Clickslither Clone Cloudreach Cavalry Commander Greven il-Vec Confront the Unknown Conqueror's Pledge Copper Myr Corpse Traders Council's Judgment Cover of Darkness Covert Operative Crossbow Ambush Cruel Tutor Cunning Cyclops Gladiator Cyclops of One-Eyed Pass Cystbearer Damnation Darksteel Reactor Dauthi Warlord Deathgaze Cockatrice Debtors' Knell Deranged Hermit Destructive Revelry Detention Sphere Devour Flesh Dimir Cutpurse Divebomber Griffin Divine Verdict Djinn of Wishes Budoka Gardener (Dokai, Weaver of Life) Dominus of Fealty Doomwake Giant Doorkeeper Douse in Gloom Draconic Roar Dragon Shadow Dragon Tyrant Dragonspeaker Shaman Dragonstorm Dread Return Dreamborn Muse Droning Bureaucrats Drooling Groodion Duskmantle Seer Dwarven Demolition Team Earthbrawn Eastern Paladin Eiganjo Free-Riders Eladamri's Call Elven Warhounds Elvish Warrior
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