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Abzan Falconer Archon of Redemption Armament Corps Armament Master Avarice Amulet Barkshell Blessing Benalish Veteran Bog-Strider Ash Bonds of Quicksilver Brindle Shoat Caterwauling Boggart Cenn's Heir Chief Engineer Cho-Manno, Revolutionary Cinderhaze Wretch Citadel Siege Citanul Woodreaders Crimson Muckwader Crush Underfoot Deathmark Defang Dichotomancy Dragon Whelp Dragonlord Silumgar Duress Ego Erasure Etched Monstrosity Ethercaste Knight Etherium Sculptor Evolving Wilds Exotic Orchard Faerie Miscreant Fervent Cathar Floodtide Serpent Forest Fuel for the Cause Geralf's Mindcrusher Glistening Oil Grand Architect Gravecrawler Greatbow Doyen Grim Roustabout Grimoire of the Dead Hearthfire Hobgoblin Hibernation's End Hinterland Hermit Hinterland Scourge Ichor Wellspring Idle Thoughts Inkfathom Divers Island Izzet Chronarch Joraga Warcaller Kabira Vindicator Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker Knacksaw Clique Leonin Armorguard Lighthouse Chronologist Loxodon Wayfarer Maelstrom Nexus Magister Sphinx Masticore Meadowboon Mikaeus, the Lunarch Mountain Narstad Scrapper Order of Whiteclay Overgrown Tomb Overwhelming Stampede Parasitic Strix Perimeter Captain Phobian Phantasm Phyrexian Hulk Plains Puppet Conjurer Putrefax Quicksilver Gargantuan Rally the Forces Rampant Growth Reap Intellect Relic Crush Revive the Fallen River's Grasp Roughshod Mentor Sagu Archer Scepter of Insight Scornful Æther-Lich Scourge of Fleets Search Warrant Searchlight Geist Seedcradle Witch Sensory Deprivation Serra's Boon Shield of the Oversoul Silumgar, the Drifting Death Sinew Sliver Slithermuse Springjack Knight Stampeding Rhino Surgical Extraction