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Abhorrent Overlord Acolyte's Reward Aqueous Form Archetype of Endurance Augur of Bolas Aurelia, the Warleader Axebane Guardian Battle Sliver Bloodflow Connoisseur Curse of Echoes Curse of Exhaustion Diregraf Captain Disciple of Bolas Drudge Beetle Duskmantle Guildmage Eaten by Spiders Elgaud Inquisitor Ember Swallower Falkenrath Noble Fire Elemental Flametongue Kavu Fleecemane Lion Furious Resistance Gravetiller Wurm Harvester of Souls Hollowhenge Scavenger Homing Lightning Memory's Journey Mindclaw Shaman Prophetic Bolt Punish the Enemy Raging Poltergeist Realmwright Riot Control Screeching Bat Selfless Cathar Silent Sentinel Skirsdag Cultist Sluiceway Scorpion Sphere of Safety Sphinx's Revelation Stalking Vampire Stormbreath Dragon Swordwise Centaur Tithe Drinker Vastwood Hydra Viashino Racketeer Vorapede Whelming Wave Wild Defiance