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Anaba Ancestor Anaba Bodyguard Anaba Shaman Anaba Spirit Crafter Animate Dead Armor of Faith Ashnod's Altar Black Mana Battery Blizzard Blood Lust Bone Shaman Breeding Pit Carapace Casting of Bones Circle of Protection : Red (Circle of Protection: Red) Combat Medic Creature Bond Crimson Kobolds Cyclopean Tomb Dancing Scimitar Deathgrip Demonic Torment Denizen of the Deep Derelor Diabolic Machine Disintegrate Dragon Engine Drop of Honey Electric Eel Elvish Archers Elvish Hunter Eternal Warrior Fallen Angel Fallen Ideal False Orders Fishliver Oil Flight Foriysian Interceptor Foriysian Totem Foul Familiar Frankenstein's Monster Gaze of Pain Giant Slug Goblin Kites Guardian Angel High Tide Holy Strength Hurloon Minotaur Icy Prison Infernal Medusa Inquisition Invisibility Ironclaw Orcs Island Ivory Cup Jade Monolith Labyrinth Minotaur Legions of Lim-Dûl Lifetap Lim-Dûl's High Guard Living Armor Living Artifact Living Wall Llanowar Elves Lord of Tresserhorn Lure Lurker Maze of Ith Moor Fiend Null Rod Onulet Orcish Artillery Paralyze Pit Trap Plague Rats Pygmy Allosaurus Pyrotechnics Raise Dead Reconstruction Ritual of the Machine Samite Healer Scarecrow Scarwood Hag Screeching Drake Sengir Vampire Serendib Djinn Serendib Efreet Serra Bestiary Shanodin Dryads Shield of the Ages Siren's Call Six-y Beast Skyshroud Falcon Snow-Covered Island Soldevi Golem Spinal Villain Spitting Slug Stop That Stromgald Cabal Temporal Manipulation Throne of Bone Thrull Wizard Transmute Artifact Two-Headed Giant of Foriys Typhoon Urza's Mine Vampire Bats Vampiric Spirit Wall of Bone Wall of Brambles Windseeker Centaur Worms of the Earth