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Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor Aggressive Urge Arcbound Bruiser Arcbound Wanderer Archmage Ascension Aven Fisher Aven Tactician Azorius Guildmage Battle Hurda Bazaar of Baghdad Black Knight Blackmail Blessed Reversal Blood Ogre Bloodstoke Howler Boar Umbra Boil Boldwyr Intimidator Bringer of the Red Dawn Bull Rush Butcher Ghoul Castle Raptors Celestial Gatekeeper Cerodon Yearling Chain Lightning Champion of Lambholt Chandra's Outrage Chemister's Trick Chimney Imp Chorus of Might Cloudthresher Compulsion Confiscate Copper-Leaf Angel Corpse Lunge Crab Umbra Crown of Flames Crush of Wurms Cultbrand Cinder Curse of Stalked Prey Curse of Thirst Night // Day (Day) Deep-Sea Kraken Deepwater Hypnotist Divert Divine Light Dizzy Spell Do or Die Electropotence Elvish Warrior Expunge Felidar Umbra Fireshrieker Fledgling Griffin Fodder Cannon Forest Fortify Fortune Thief Frontline Strategist Frostwielder Gilt-Leaf Palace Goblin Firebug Goblin Grappler Goblin Lackey Gratuitous Violence Great Hart Griffin Protector Grim Discovery Guardians' Pledge Guilty Conscience Healer of the Pride Hidden Guerrillas Higure, the Still Wind Horned Troll Humble Budoka Hunt Down Hypochondria Illuminate Imperial Mask Indrik Umbra Infectious Rage Infernal Caretaker Ink-Treader Nephilim Inner Fire Invasive Species Ironfang Isamaru, Hound of Konda Isao, Enlightened Bushi Island Jeweled Spirit Kavu Aggressor Killer Instinct Kinsbaile Borderguard Kithkin Daggerdare Kithkin Shielddare Kruin Striker Leonin Bola Liability Liar's Pendulum Liege of the Axe Lightning Bolt Lys Alana Scarblade Magus of the Mirror Mana Echoes Manic Vandal Mass Appeal Mass Polymorph Master Thief Meddling Kids Meddling Mage Merfolk Wayfinder Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker Mindbreak Trap Molten Firebird Moment of Heroism Moment of Silence Mortiphobia Mountain Mulch Narcissism Need for Speed Needle Specter Nekrataal Nettle Swine Night // Day (Night) Night Terrors Nobilis of War Nut Collector Oyobi, Who Split the Heavens Paleoloth Paranoid Delusions Patagia Viper Patron of the Orochi Pernicious Deed Pestermite Phantom General Pheres-Band Thunderhoof Plains Planeswalker's Fury Presence of the Wise Primal Visitation Punishing Fire Pursuit of Flight Pyroclast Consul Pyromania Quickchange Ramosian Rally Raven Guild Initiate Razor Golem Reclamation Sage Revenge of the Hunted Riot Piker Riot Spikes Rishadan Cutpurse Robe of Mirrors Russet Wolves Safe Passage Saffi Eriksdotter Samurai of the Pale Curtain Sasaya, Orochi Ascendant Sasaya, Orochi Ascendant (Sasaya's Essence) Satyr Piper Seal of Cleansing Seal of Doom Seal of Fire Seal of Primordium Seal of Removal Seal of Strength Segmented Krotiq Seismic Strike Selfless Exorcist Seller of Songbirds Shelter Shieldmage Advocate Shieldmage Elder Shower of Sparks Shredding Winds Shrike Harpy Siege-Gang Commander Sizzle Skred Sky Weaver Skymark Roc Skyreach Manta Sleight of Hand Snake Umbra Soul's Grace Sower of Temptation Sparring Collar Spearbreaker Behemoth Sphere of Duty Sphere of Grace Sphere of Law Sphere of Reason Sphere of Truth Spider Umbra Spire Tracer Spiritualize Stillmoon Cavalier Stonework Puma Stormscape Battlemage Strength of the Tajuru Suffocating Blast Surging Sentinels Swamp Sylvan Ranger Thieving Magpie Thwart Tidal Kraken Titan's Revenge Toshiro Umezawa Touch of the Eternal Tragic Slip Trap Digger Treva's Attendant Triskelion Trostani's Judgment Turn the Tables Twincast Ulvenwald Tracker Umezawa's Jitte Vampire's Bite Venser's Journal Village Ironsmith Vines of Vastwood Vitaspore Thallid Vodalian Serpent Voidmage Prodigy Wake the Dead Wall of Spears Warren-Scourge Elf Wayfaring Giant White Knight Witchstalker Wood Elves Wooded Bastion Yamabushi's Flame Zealous Persecution