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Airdrop Condor All Suns' Dawn Ancient Kavu Aven Warhawk Blazing Shoal Bog Elemental Broodstar Carrion Wurm Caustic Wasps Clinging Darkness Collapsing Borders Crystal Seer Desert Disorder Distorting Lens Dralnu's Pet Elvish Vanguard Eradicate Essence Sliver Fabricate First Volley Fists of Ironwood Flaring Pain Flight of Fancy Followed Footsteps Forest Frenzy Sliver Frozen Solid Genju of the Falls Ghitu Fire Gigapede Glass Golem Gustcloak Runner Hindering Touch Hydromorph Guardian Ivory Mask Jolting Merfolk Jushi Apprentice Kaboom! Logic Knot Longhorn Firebeast Magma Vein Malicious Advice Mask of Intolerance Metathran Transport Mindslaver Mistform Shrieker Mistform Wakecaster Mortify Moss Monster Mountain Panoptic Mirror Pardic Firecat Petrified Field Phantatog Planeswalker's Scorn Pyromatics Quagmire Lamprey Quiet Disrepair Rock Jockey Root Cage Sandskin Scattershot Sever Soul Shadowblood Ridge Soul Charmer Spiritmonger Starlight Invoker Strands of Night Tangle Wire Thought Prison Tidal Visionary Jushi Apprentice (Tomoya the Revealer) Tower of Murmurs Tsabo's Assassin Wormfang Crab Wretched Anurid