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All Is Dust Archive Trap Archweaver Artisan of Kozilek Butcher's Cleaver Codex Shredder Conjurer's Closet Creeping Tar Pit Crypt of Agadeem Death-Hood Cobra Demonmail Hauberk Encrust Feast of Blood Ghostly Touch Heartstabber Mosquito Hedron Rover Hedron Scrabbler Humbler of Mortals Kraken Hatchling Laboratory Maniac Lashwrithe Living Lore Lore Seeker Mind Unbound Ob Nixilis, the Fallen Parasitic Implant Peel from Reality Perilous Myr Possibility Storm Quag Vampires Rakdos Ringleader Reality Spasm Rusted Sentinel Sickleslicer Skillful Lunge Smite the Monstrous Soliton Spare from Evil Temple of Triumph Thought Gorger Thunderclap Wyvern Turn the Tide Undercity Troll Weapon Surge Whispering Specter Will-Forged Golem