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Ajani's Presence Arid Mesa Auger Spree Banefire Belligerent Sliver Bituminous Blast Blood Rites Bloodfire Expert Breakthrough Burning Vengeance Cabal Therapy Caldera Hellion Caustic Crawler Common Bond Death Grasp Defend the Hearth Demolish Desperate Stand Devastation Tide Diabolic Revelation Divine Verdict Dragonmaster Outcast Dread Drone Eidolon of Countless Battles Faith's Reward Fell the Mighty Firespout Flame Slash Fomori Nomad Ghostly Flicker Giant Scorpion Glare of Heresy Gleam of Battle Goblin Deathraiders Goblin Razerunners Hands of Binding Heroes' Bane Hex Parasite Into the Maw of Hell Joint Assault Kresh the Bloodbraided Kuldotha Flamefiend Lens of Clarity Lightning Helix Lust for War Magma Phoenix Marrow Shards Martial Glory Mitotic Slime Morgue Burst Mycoloth Necrogen Scudder Nyxathid Obsidian Fireheart Oracle's Insight Pact of the Titan Predator Dragon Predatory Advantage Rage Extractor Raised by Wolves Reprisal Rescue from the Underworld Rhox Brute Roil Elemental Rotted Hulk Rubblehulk Ruhan of the Fomori Ruinous Minotaur Sagu Mauler Savageborn Hydra Shadow Slice Shielded Passage Shriekgeist Soul of Shandalar Spiteful Returned Staggershock Stonehorn Chanter Street Spasm Temple of Deceit Thousand Winds Thraximundar Trail of Mystery Traitorous Blood Trap Essence Trusty Machete Uncanny Speed Undercity Informer Vampire Nocturnus Vapor Snag Vastwood Animist Vengevine Viashino Slaughtermaster Violent Ultimatum Virulent Swipe Warden of the Beyond Warstorm Surge Watery Grave Wolfir Silverheart Wurmcoil Engine