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Abundant Growth Ancient Stirrings Bile Blight Blighted Cataract Blood Crypt Boulder Salvo Burn Away Chronomaton Day of Judgment Drogskol Reaver Endbringer Explorer's Scope Forest Fortress Crab Geistcatcher's Rig Grim Backwoods Guardian Automaton Hammer of Ruin Havengul Skaab Heretic's Punishment Island Jaddi Lifestrider Kessig Recluse Latch Seeker Lotleth Troll Maw of the Mire Mountain Nessian Game Warden Plains Planar Outburst Polluted Delta Profaner of the Dead Rage Nimbus Rakdos, Lord of Riots Scythe Specter Seed Guardian Seismic Shudder Sentinel Spider Soul of Zendikar Spawning Grounds Spectral Prison Spite of Mogis Sundial of the Infinite Swamp Tectonic Edge Travel Preparations Tree of Redemption Undercity Plague Volcanic Rambler Wind Zendikon Woodland Wanderer Zendikar Farguide