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Abzan Advantage Abzan Beastmaster Avacyn, Guardian Angel Bear's Companion Blightcaster Blood Feud Body Double Bruna, Light of Alabaster Chandra, Pyromaster Concordia Pegasus Falkenrath Exterminator Fated Infatuation Favorable Winds Favored Hoplite Feed the Clan Forlorn Pseudamma Heavy Mattock Heir of the Wilds Heirs of Stromkirk Hired Torturer Ivy Lane Denizen Keymaster Rogue Lost in a Labyrinth Mark of the Vampire Necropolis Regent Paragon of Eternal Wilds Prophet of Kruphix Rakish Heir Sharpened Pitchfork Torch Fiend Tormented Hero Victim of Night Voice of Resurgence Yasova Dragonclaw