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Academy Raider Accorder's Shield Accursed Spirit Act of Treason Advocate of the Beast Air Servant Ajani, Caller of the Pride Ajani's Chosen Altar's Reap Angelic Accord Angelic Wall Archaeomancer Archangel of Thune Armored Cancrix Artificer's Hex Auramancer Awaken the Ancient Banisher Priest Barrage of Expendables Battle Sliver Blessing Blightcaster Blood Bairn Blur Sliver Bogbrew Witch Bonescythe Sliver Bramblecrush Brave the Elements Briarpack Alpha Brindle Boar Bubbling Cauldron Burning Earth Cancel Canyon Minotaur Capashen Knight Celestial Flare Chandra, Pyromaster Chandra's Outrage Chandra's Phoenix Charging Griffin Child of Night Claustrophobia Clone Colossal Whale Congregate Coral Merfolk Corpse Hauler Corrupt Cyclops Tyrant Dark Favor Dark Prophecy Darksteel Forge Darksteel Ingot Dawnstrike Paladin Deadly Recluse Deathgaze Cockatrice Demolish Devout Invocation Diabolic Tutor Dismiss into Dream Disperse Divination Divine Favor Domestication Doom Blade Door of Destinies Dragon Egg Dragon Hatchling Duress Elite Arcanist Elixir of Immortality Elvish Mystic Encroaching Wastes Enlarge Essence Scatter Festering Newt Fiendslayer Paladin Fireshrieker Flames of the Firebrand Fleshpulper Giant Fog Forest Fortify Frost Breath Galerider Sliver Garruk, Caller of Beasts Garruk's Horde Giant Growth Giant Spider Gladecover Scout Glimpse the Future Gnawing Zombie Goblin Diplomats Goblin Shortcutter Griffin Sentinel Grim Return Groundshaker Sliver Guardian of the Ages Haunted Plate Mail Hive Stirrings Howl of the Night Pack Hunt the Weak Illusionary Armor Imposing Sovereign Indestructibility Into the Wilds Island Jace, Memory Adept Jace's Mindseeker Kalonian Hydra Kalonian Tusker Lava Axe Lay of the Land Lifebane Zombie Lightning Talons Liliana of the Dark Realms Liliana's Reaver Liturgy of Blood Manaweft Sliver Marauding Maulhorn Mark of the Vampire Master of Diversion Megantic Sliver Merfolk Spy Messenger Drake Millstone Mind Rot Mindsparker Minotaur Abomination Molten Birth Mountain Mutavault Naturalize Negate Nephalia Seakite Nightmare Nightwing Shade Oath of the Ancient Wood Ogre Battledriver Opportunity Pacifism Path of Bravery Pay No Heed Phantom Warrior Pillarfield Ox Pitchburn Devils Plains Planar Cleansing Plummet Predatory Sliver Primeval Bounty Pyromancer's Gauntlet Quag Sickness Quicken Ranger's Guile Ratchet Bomb Regathan Firecat Ring of Three Wishes Rise of the Dark Realms Rod of Ruin Rootwalla Rumbling Baloth Sanguine Bond Savage Summoning Scavenging Ooze Scourge of Valkas Scroll Thief Seacoast Drake Seismic Stomp Sengir Vampire Sensory Deprivation Sentinel Sliver Seraph of the Sword Serra Angel Shadowborn Apostle Shadowborn Demon Shimmering Grotto Shivan Dragon Shiv's Embrace Shock Show of Valor Shrivel Siege Mastodon Silence Sliver Construct Smelt Solemn Offering Soulmender Spell Blast Sporemound Staff of the Death Magus Staff of the Flame Magus Staff of the Mind Magus Staff of the Sun Magus Staff of the Wild Magus Steelform Sliver Stonehorn Chanter Striking Sliver Strionic Resonator Suntail Hawk Swamp Syphon Sliver Tenacious Dead Thorncaster Sliver Thunder Strike Tidebinder Mage Time Ebb Tome Scour Trading Post Trained Condor Traumatize Trollhide Undead Minotaur Vampire Warlord Vastwood Hydra Verdant Haven Vial of Poison Vile Rebirth Volcanic Geyser Voracious Wurm Wall of Frost Wall of Swords Warden of Evos Isle Water Servant Wild Guess Wild Ricochet Windreader Sphinx Windstorm Witchstalker Woodborn Behemoth Wring Flesh Xathrid Necromancer Young Pyromancer Zephyr Charge