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Accorder's Shield Adventuring Gear Angelic Armaments Argentum Armor Armory of Iroas Assault Suit Avacyn's Collar Avarice Amulet Banshee's Blade Barbed Battlegear Basilisk Collar Batterskull Behemoth Sledge Blade of Selves Blade of the Bloodchief Bladed Bracers Bladed Pinions Blazing Torch Blight Sickle Blinding Powder Bone Saw Bonehoard Bonesplitter Brawler's Plate Butcher's Cleaver Captain's Claws Champion's Helm Chariot of Victory Chitinous Cloak Civic Saber Cloak and Dagger Cobbled Wings Copper Carapace Cranial Plating Darksteel Axe Darksteel Plate Dead-Iron Sledge Deathrender Demonmail Hauberk Demonspine Whip Diviner's Wand Dragon Throne of Tarkir Echo Circlet Elbrus, the Binding Blade Empyrial Plate Ensouled Scimitar Executioner's Hood Explorer's Scope Fireshrieker Flayer Husk Fleetfeather Sandals Gate Smasher General's Kabuto Ghostfire Blade Godsend Golem-Skin Gauntlets Gorgon Flail Gorgon's Head Grafted Exoskeleton Grafted Wargear Grappling Hook Greatsword Grifter's Blade Hammer of Ruin Hankyu Haunted Plate Mail Healer's Headdress Heart-Piercer Bow Heartseeker Heavy Arbalest Heavy Mattock Hedron Blade Hedron Matrix Helm of Kaldra Helm of the Gods Hero's Blade Horned Helm Hot Soup Illusionist's Bracers Infiltration Lens Inquisitor's Flail Kite Shield Kitesail Konda's Banner Kusari-Gama Lashwrithe Leering Emblem Leonin Bola Leonin Scimitar Lightning Greaves Livewire Lash Loxodon Warhammer Mage Slayer Magebane Armor Manaforce Mace Manriki-Gusari Mask of Avacyn Mask of Memory Mask of Riddles Masterwork of Ingenuity
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