Sakashima l'Impostore
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Sakashima l'Impostore
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Creatura Leggendaria - Farabutto Umano
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Mentre Sakashima l'Impostore entra in gioco, puoi scegliere una creatura in gioco. Se lo fai, Sakashima entra in gioco come una copia di quella creatura, tranne che il suo nome è ancora Sakashima l'Impostore, è ancora leggendario e guadagna "2BlueBlue: Il proprietario riprende in mano Sakashima l'Impostore alla fine del turno."
3 / 1
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6/1/2005 If there is no creature on the battlefield or if you don’t choose a creature as Sakashima enters the battlefield, Sakashima remains a 3/1 Human Rogue.
6/1/2005 Sakashima doesn’t get the return to hand ability unless a creature is copied as Sakashima enters the battlefield. Sakashima can’t copy itself because the choice is made as part of the event that puts it onto the battlefield, and whatever will be copied must already be on the battlefield.
6/1/2005 Sakashima must be on the battlefield at the end of turn in order to return to hand. If Sakashima leaves the battlefield after the ability is activated but before the at-end-of-turn ability resolves, the ability does nothing.