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Bestimme eine nichtlegendäre Kreatur im Spiel. Ein Kreatur deiner Wahl wird bis zum Ende des Zuges zu einer Kopie der bestimmten Kreatur.
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„Diese neu gezüchteten Zytoplasten übertreffen die Erwartungen, was das Umformen des Fleisches betrifft. Allerdings stinken sie gewaltig nach Krötenschleim."
—Notizen von Simic-Forschern
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5/1/2006 Only the creature that’s becoming a copy is targeted. The creature that it will copy isn’t chosen until Cytoshape resolves.
5/1/2006 The creature copies the printed values of the chosen creature, plus any copy effects that have been applied to it. It won’t copy counters on that creature. It won’t copy effects that have changed the creature’s power, toughness, types, color, or so on.
5/1/2006 If the creature copies a creature that’s copying a creature, it will become whatever the chosen creature is copying.
5/1/2006 If the creature becomes a copy of a face-down creature, it will become a 2/2 creature with no name, creature type, abilities, mana cost, or color. It will not become face-down and thus can’t be turned face up.
5/1/2006 This effect can cause the target to stop being a creature. For example, if it becomes a copy of an animated Blinkmoth Nexus, the printed wording will be copied and it will become an unanimated Blinkmoth Nexus.
5/1/2006 Effects that have already applied to the target creature will continue to apply to it. For example, if Giant Growth had given it +3/+3 earlier in the turn, then Cytoshape makes it a copy of Grizzly Bears, it will be a 5/5 Grizzly Bears.
5/1/2006 A creature may become a copy of itself this way. This generally won’t have any visible effect.
5/1/2006 At the end of the turn, the creature reverts to what it was before. If two Cytoshapes affect the same creature on the same turn, they’ll both wear off at the same time.