Седобородый Скиталец
Седобородый Скиталец
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Седобородый Скиталец
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Существо - Гигант Чародей
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Сходство В начале вашего шага поддержки вы можете посмотреть верхнюю карту вашей библиотеки. Если у нее есть такой же тип существа, как у Седобородого Скитальца, вы можете ее показать. Если вы это делаете, вы получаете 4 жизни.
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В его баснях столько же вранья, сколько в нем роста, и только долгой жизни гиганта хватит на то, чтобы все их выслушать.
4 / 4
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4/1/2008 Kinship is an ability word that indicates a group of similar triggered abilities that appear on _Morningtide_ creatures. It doesn’t have any special rules associated with it.
4/1/2008 The first two sentences of every kinship ability are the same (except for the creature’s name). Only the last sentence varies from one kinship ability to the next.
4/1/2008 You don’t have to reveal the top card of your library, even if it shares a creature type with the creature that has the kinship ability.
4/1/2008 After the kinship ability finishes resolving, the card you looked at remains on top of your library.
4/1/2008 If you have multiple creatures with kinship abilities, each triggers and resolves separately. You’ll look at the same card for each one, unless you have some method of shuffling your library or moving that card to a different zone.
4/1/2008 If the top card of your library is already revealed (due to Magus of the Future, for example), you still have the option to reveal it or not as part of a kinship ability’s effect.