Revelación explosiva
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Revelación explosiva
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Elige una criatura o jugador objetivo. Muestra las primeras cartas de tu biblioteca hasta que muestres una carta que no sea tierra. La Revelación explosiva hace daño igual al coste de maná convertido de esa carta a esa criatura o jugador. Pon la carta que no sea tierra en tu mano y el resto en el fondo de tu biblioteca en cualquier orden.
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6/15/2010 If the targeted permanent or player is an illegal target by the time Explosive Revelation resolves, the spell doesn’t resolve. You won’t reveal any cards from your library.
6/15/2010 Once you start revealing cards from your library, it’s too late for players to respond. If you target a creature, for example, its controller can’t wait to see how much damage will be dealt to it before casting a damage prevention spell, activating a regeneration ability, sacrificing it for some benefit, or anything else. Any such actions must be done before Explosive Revelation starts to resolve.
6/15/2010 If all the cards in your library are land cards, you’ll reveal all of them, then arrange them in your library in whatever order you like. No damage is dealt.