Ago Spinale
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Ago Spinale
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Card Text:
Mentre l'Ago Spinale entra nel campo di battaglia, nomina una carta.
Le abilità attivate delle fonti col nome scelto non possono essere attivate a meno che non siano abilità di mana.
Flavor Text:
I timorosi invocano la procedura prima di un festival del sangue. I colpevoli la cercano dopo.
All Sets:
Saviors of Kamigawa (Rare)
Tenth Edition (Rare)
Magic 2010 (Rare)
Return to Ravnica (Rare)
Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions (Special)
Card Number:
6/1/2005 Pithing Needle affects cards regardless of what zone they’re in. This includes cards in hand, cards in the graveyard, and exiled cards. For example, a player can’t cycle Eternal Dragon or return an Eternal Dragon from their graveyard to hand if Pithing Needle naming Eternal Dragon is on the battlefield.
6/1/2005 You can name any card, even if that card doesn’t normally have an activated ability. You can’t name a token unless that token has the same name as a card.
6/1/2005 If you name a card that has both a mana ability and another activated ability, the mana ability can be activated but the other ability can’t be activated.
10/1/2009 Once Pithing Needle has left the battlefield, activated abilities of sources with the chosen name can be activated again.
10/1/2012 Activated abilities include a colon and are written in the form “[cost]: [effect].” Triggered abilities and static abilities of the named card work normally.