Erzengel von Thune
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Erzengel von Thune
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Kreatur — Engel
Card Text:
FliegendLebensverknüpfung (Schaden, der von dieser Kreatur zugefügt wird, lässt dich ebenso viele Lebenspunkte dazuerhalten.)Immer wenn du Lebenspunkte dazuerhältst, lege eine +1/+1-Marke auf jede Kreatur, die du kontrollierst.
Flavor Text:
Auch die Bösen haben Albträume.
3 / 4
Mythic Rare
All Sets:
Magic 2014 Core Set (Mythic Rare)
Iconic Masters (Mythic Rare)
Double Masters (Mythic Rare)
Card Number:
8/7/2020 If a creature you control is dealt lethal damage at the same time that you gain life, it won’t receive a counter from Archangel of Thune’s ability in time to save it.
8/7/2020 Each creature with lifelink dealing combat damage causes a separate life-gaining event. For example, if two creatures you control with lifelink deal combat damage at the same time, the ability will trigger twice. However, if a single creature you control with lifelink deals combat damage to multiple creatures, players, and/or planeswalkers at the same time (perhaps because it has trample or was blocked by more than one creature), the ability will trigger only once.
8/7/2020 If you gain an amount of life “for each” of something, that life is gained as one event and the ability triggers only once.
8/7/2020 In a Two-Headed Giant game, life gained by your teammate won’t cause the ability to trigger, even though it caused your team’s life total to increase.

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