Fanático de Xenagos
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Fanático de Xenagos
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Criatura — Guerrero centauro
Card Text:
Tributo 1. (En cuanto esta criatura entre al campo de batalla, el oponente de tu elección puede colocar un contador +1/+1 sobre ella.)
Cuando el Fanático de Xenagos entre al campo de batalla, si no se pagó tributo, obtiene +1/+1 y gana la habilidad de prisa hasta el final del turno.
3 / 3
Card Number:
2/1/2014 If the opponent pays tribute, the creature will enter the battlefield with the specified number of +1/+1 counters on it. It won't enter the battlefield and then have the +1/+1 counters placed on it.
2/1/2014 The choice of whether to pay tribute is made as the creature with tribute is entering the battlefield. At that point, it's too late to respond to the creature spell. For example, in a multiplayer game, opponents won't know whether tribute will be paid or which opponent will be chosen to pay tribute or not when deciding whether to counter the creature spell.
2/1/2014 If the triggered ability has a target, that target will not be known while the creature spell with tribute is on the stack.
2/1/2014 Players can't respond to the tribute decision before the creature enters the battlefield. That is, if the opponent doesn't pay tribute, the triggered ability will trigger before any player has a chance to remove the creature.
2/1/2014 The triggered ability will resolve even if the creature with tribute isn't on the battlefield at that time.
4/18/2017 For effects that check which player put counters on the entering creature, the player chosen to pay tribute puts those counters on it, not the creature's controller.

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