Кольчужная Завеса
Кольчужная Завеса
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Кольчужная Завеса
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Легендарный Артефакт
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В начале вашего заключительного шага, если вы не активировали способность верности planeswalker-а в этом ходу, вы теряете 2 жизни.
4, Tap: для каждого planeswalker-а под вашим контролем вы можете активировать одну из его способностей верности один раз в этом ходу, как если бы в этом ходу ни одна из его способностей верности не была активирована.
Mythic Rare
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7/18/2014 For the first ability, it doesn’t matter whether the planeswalker is still on the battlefield as your end step begins. If you activated one of its loyalty abilities that turn, The Chain Veil’s triggered ability won’t trigger.
7/18/2014 Because the last ability modifies the rules of the game, it affects not only planeswalkers you control when it resolves, but also planeswalkers that come under your control later in the turn.
7/18/2014 After the last ability resolves, you’ll essentially be able to activate a loyalty ability of each planeswalker you control a total of twice during your turn. The timing rules for when you can activate loyalty abilities apply each time; it must be your main phase and the stack must be empty.
7/18/2014 The second loyalty ability you activate doesn’t have to be the same as the first ability. For example, you could activate a planeswalker’s first ability twice, or you could activate a planeswalker’s first ability, then activate its second ability.
7/18/2014 Each additional time The Chain Veil’s last ability resolves will allow you to activate a loyalty ability of each planeswalker you control an additional time. For example, if you activate The Chain Veil’s last ability, untap it, then activate it again, you can activate a loyalty ability of a planeswalker you control three times that turn.