Demone dei Lamenti Agonizzanti
Demone dei Lamenti Agonizzanti
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Demone dei Lamenti Agonizzanti
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Creatura — Demone
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Tenente — Fintanto che controlli il tuo comandante, il Demone dei Lamenti Agonizzanti prende +2/+2 e ha "Ogniqualvolta il Demone dei Lamenti Agonizzanti infligge danno da combattimento a un giocatore, quel giocatore sacrifica una creatura".
4 / 4
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11/7/2014 If Demon of Wailing Agonies deals combat damage to a player at the same time your commander is dealt lethal damage, the triggered ability will trigger and the player will sacrifice a creature.
11/7/2014 Lieutenant abilities apply only if your commander is on the battlefield and under your control.
11/7/2014 Lieutenant abilities refer only to whether you control your commander, not any other player’s commander.
11/7/2014 If you gain control of a creature with a lieutenant ability owned by another player, that ability will check to see if you control your commander and will apply if you do. It won’t check whether its owner controls their commander.
11/7/2014 If you lose control of your commander, lieutenant abilities of creatures you control will immediately stop applying. If this causes a creature’s toughness to become less than or equal to the amount of damage marked on it, the creature will be destroyed.
11/7/2014 If a triggered ability granted by a lieutenant ability triggers, and in response to that trigger you lose control of your commander (causing the lieutenant to lose that ability), that triggered ability will still resolve.

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