Elfo Cavaleiro Celeste
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Card Name:
Elfo Cavaleiro Celeste
Mana Cost:
Variable ColorlessGreenBlue
Converted Mana Cost:
Criatura — Elfo Guerreiro Aliado
Card Text:
VoarConvergir — Elfo Cavaleiro Celeste entra no campo de batalha com um marcador +1/+1 para cada cor de mana gasto para conjurá-lo.
Flavor Text:
"Pode não ser convencional, mas eu aceito qualquer montaria estável em uma tempestade."
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Card Number:
8/25/2015 You can choose any value for X. The value chosen for X doesn’t directly affect the number of +1/+1 counters Skyrider Elf enters the battlefield with, but it does let you pay more mana and thus spend more colors of mana to cast it. For example, you can choose 0 for the value of X and pay GreenBlue to cast Skyrider Elf for two +1/+1 counters. You can also choose 3 for the value of X, making its mana cost 3GreenBlue, and pay WhiteBlueBlackRedGreen for five +1/+1 counters.
8/25/2015 The maximum number of colors of mana you can spend to cast a spell is five. Colorless is not a color. Note that the cost of a spell with converge may limit how many colors of mana you can spend.
8/25/2015 Unless a spell or ability allows you to, you can’t choose to pay more mana for a spell with a converge ability just to spend more colors of mana. Likewise, if a spell or ability reduces the amount of mana it costs you to cast a spell with converge, you can’t ignore that cost reduction in order to spend more colors of mana.
8/25/2015 If there are any alternative or additional costs to cast a spell with a converge ability, the mana spent to pay those costs will count. For example, if an effect makes sorcery spells cost 1 more to cast, you could pay WhiteBlueBlackRed to cast Radiant Flames and deal 4 damage to each creature.
8/25/2015 If you cast a spell with converge without spending any mana to cast it (perhaps because an effect allowed you to cast it without paying its mana cost), then the number of colors spent to cast it will be zero.
8/25/2015 If a spell with a converge ability is copied, no mana was spent to cast the copy, so the number of colors of mana spent to cast the spell will be zero. The number of colors spent to cast the original spell is not copied.

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