Daxos le Reparu
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Daxos le Reparu
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Créature légendaire : - zombie et soldat
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À chaque fois que vous lancez un sort d'enchantement, vous gagnez un marqueur « expérience ». 1WhiteBlack : Mettez sur le champ de bataille un jeton de créature-enchantement blanche et noire Esprit. Il a « La force et l'endurance de cette créature sont chacune égales au nombre de marqueurs « expérience » que vous avez. »
2 / 2
Mythic Rare
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11/4/2015 The power and toughness of the tokens will change as the number of experience counters you have does.
11/4/2015 The ability that defines the token’s power and toughness is part of the token’s copiable values. Copies of the token will also have that ability.
11/4/2015 Putting an enchantment creature token onto the battlefield won’t cause Daxos’s first ability to trigger. On the other hand, constellation abilities trigger whenever an enchantment enters the battlefield under your control, so those abilities will trigger.
11/4/2015 Experience counters are the second kind of counters a player can have, joining poison.
11/4/2015 All experience counters are identical, no matter how you got them. For example, the last ability will count experience counters that you got from the first ability, from another ability, from proliferating, and so on.
11/4/2015 Each game pack includes a card labeled “Experience” with the suggestion “Place your experience counters here.” This card isn’t required for play. It’s simply a convenient spot to put your experience counters, which can be represented with dice, glass beads, or other small items.