Aliança Abençoada
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Aliança Abençoada
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Mágica Instantânea
Card Text:
Escalar 2 (Pague este custo para cada modo escolhido além do primeiro.)
Escolha um ou mais —
• O jogador alvo ganha 4 pontos de vida.
• Desvire até duas criaturas alvo.
• O oponente alvo sacrifica uma criatura atacante.
Card Number:
7/13/2016 The targeted opponent chooses which of their attacking creatures to sacrifice, not you.
7/13/2016 Untapping an attacking creature doesn’t cause it to be removed from combat.
7/13/2016 You choose all of your modes at once. You can’t wait to perform one mode’s actions and then decide to choose more modes.
7/13/2016 You can’t choose any one mode multiple times.
7/13/2016 If two of the chosen modes of an escalate spell target a creature, you may choose the same creature for each mode’s target, or choose different creatures. The same is true if the chosen modes target a player (or opponent).
7/13/2016 If one target of an escalate spell becomes illegal, the other targets will still be affected. If all of the targets become illegal, the spell won’t resolve.
7/13/2016 Effects that reduce the cost of spells reduce the total cost, including any escalate costs added.
7/13/2016 If an effect allows you to cast a spell that has escalate without paying its mana cost, you pay escalate costs for that spell if you choose more than one mode.
7/13/2016 Additional costs don’t affect a spell’s mana value.

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