Tezzerets Berührung
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Tezzerets Berührung
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Verzauberung — Aura
Card Text:
Verzaubert ein Artefakt
Das verzauberte Artefakt ist zusätzlich zu seinen anderen Typen eine Kreatur mit Basis-Stärke und -Widerstandskraft 5/5.
Wenn das verzauberte Artefakt auf einen Friedhof gelegt wird, bringe es auf die Hand seines Besitzers zurück.
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2/9/2017 An artifact that becomes a creature due to Tezzeret’s Touch can’t attack unless you’ve controlled it continuously since your turn began. It doesn’t matter whether or not it was a creature at that time.
2/9/2017 An artifact creature enchanted by Tezzeret’s Touch becomes 5/5 instead of its normal power and toughness.
2/9/2017 A Vehicle enchanted by Tezzeret’s Touch becomes a 5/5 creature. Crewing it won’t change its power and toughness.
2/9/2017 If the enchanted artifact is an Equipment, it becomes unattached and it can’t be attached to anything for as long as it remains a creature.
2/9/2017 If Tezzeret’s Touch becomes unattached from an artifact that’s attacking or blocking, that artifact will be removed from combat unless it’s normally a creature or another effect such as a crew ability is also making it a creature.