Jumeaux au cœur pur
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Jumeaux au cœur pur
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Créature : - chacal et guerrier
Card Text:
Vous pouvez surmener les Jumeaux au cœur pur au moment où ils attaquent. (Ils ne se dégagent pas pendant votre prochaine étape de dégagement.)
À chaque fois que vous surmenez une créature, les créatures que vous contrôlez gagnent +1/+0 jusqu'à la fin du tour.
Flavor Text:
Côte à côte jusqu'à ce que leurs lames soient face à face.
4 / 4
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4/18/2017 You can’t exert a creature unless an effect allows you to do so. Similar effects that “tap and freeze” a creature (such as that of Decision Paralysis) don’t exert that creature.
4/18/2017 If an exerted creature is already untapped during your next untap step (most likely because it had vigilance or an effect untapped it), exert’s effect preventing it from untapping expires without having done anything.
4/18/2017 If you gain control of another player’s creature until end of turn and exert it, it will untap during that player’s untap step.
4/18/2017 Some cards have abilities that trigger whenever you exert any creature. These abilities trigger when you exert that creature or any other creature you control.
4/18/2017 All cards in the Amonkhet set that let you exert a creature let you do so as you declare it as an attacking creature, as do some of the cards in the Hour of Devastation set. You can’t do so later in combat, and creatures put onto the battlefield attacking can’t be exerted. Any abilities that trigger on exerting an attacking creature will resolve before blockers are declared.