Monumento ad Hazoret
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Monumento ad Hazoret
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Artefatto Leggendario
Card Text:
Le magie creatura rosse che lanci costano 1 in meno per essere lanciate.
Ogniqualvolta lanci una magia creatura, puoi scartare una carta. Se lo fai, pesca una carta.
Flavor Text:
"I prescelti dovranno presentarsi al cospetto del Dio Faraone con inarrestabile zelo, sormontando ogni ostacolo sul proprio cammino."
—Iscrizione sul monumento
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4/18/2017 Each Monument has one ability that reduces the cost of creature spells of a certain color, and a triggered ability that triggers whenever you cast any creature spell—not just a creature spell of that color.
4/18/2017 A creature spell that’s multiple colors is each of those colors. For example, Ahn-Crop Champion is a white creature and a green creature, so it can benefit from either Oketra’s Monument or Rhonas’s Monument—or both at once.
4/18/2017 To determine the total cost of a creature spell, start with the mana cost or alternative cost you’re paying, add any cost increases, then apply any cost reductions. The converted mana cost of the creature remains unchanged, no matter what the total cost to cast it was.
4/18/2017 Each Monument’s triggered ability triggers as the creature spell is cast and resolves before that creature spell resolves. The ability will resolve even if that creature spell is countered.