Ruines de Ramunap
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Card Name:
Ruines de Ramunap
Terrain : - désert
Card Text:
Tap : Ajoutez Colorless à votre réserve.
Tap, payez 1 point de vie : Ajoutez Red à votre réserve.
2RedRed, Tap, sacrifiez un désert : Les Ruines de Ramunap infligent 2 blessures à chaque adversaire.
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4/18/2017 Desert is a land subtype with no special meaning. It doesn’t grant the land an intrinsic mana ability. Other cards may care about which lands are Deserts.
7/14/2017 In a Two-Headed Giant game, Ramunap Ruins’s last ability causes it to deal a total of 4 damage to the opposing team.
7/14/2017 If a Desert has an ability with a cost of “Sacrifice a Desert,” you can sacrifice that Desert to pay the cost for its own ability.